James Wan, the creator of hit horror franchises Saw, The Conjuring, and Insidious, has come back to the genre following Aquaman with what may be his most insane and original movie he has ever directed. In Malignant we follow Madison played by the fantastic Annabelle Wallis as she and her husband are attacked in their new home and she begins to have visions of murders that turn out to be true. The movie, while it does have its scares, is setup much more like a mystery with trying to figure out why she is seeing what she is seeing and who is doing it exactly. Now i believe there is a lot here for horror fans to love as the atmosphere in the movie keeps you pretty tense and on the edge of your seat for most of the movie. The way that some scenes are shot using the camera angles, lighting, and placing of the characters is done very well and really can draw up that horror factor ,I believe that the small amount they used of Seattle was very smart as they used mainly the underground area. The movie also runs at a solid pace, never feeling like its dragging in its 2 hour runtime.

However with the positive that could’ve made this a fantastic movie that could stand toe to toe with Wan’s other horror movies, this one falters in major aspects. The Script is all of the place and so is the acting, sometime they would come across as schlocky b movie stuff, which would be fine if it would’ve set out to be that type of movie from the beginning, but it doesn’t, in fact i would say this movie sometimes takes itself to seriously at points. They also have some of the oddest music choices in this movie that dont mesh well and feel extremely out of place. The movie opens with a scene that you could tell me was ripped straight from stranger things, followed by opening credits ripped straight from Saw it felt like. The biggest thing that will make or break this movie is the third act as it is insanely over the top gory but also has one of the wildest twists i have ever experienced in a movie and people will either love it or hate it, for me it was honestly the latter but i did find the movie to end in a satisfying fashion and they have a detective named KeKoa Shaw which is just a super awesome detective name. But overall i would say that this is a soft win for James Wan and if you go in openly you will enjoy it, just dont expect it to be as great as his other horror ventures.

Malignant Gets a rating of 65/100

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