From Director Joe Carnahan ( The Grey, Smokin Aces, The A-Team) comes one of the most surprising movies of the year. After having almost no marketing whatsoever, This excellent throwback to old-school school Shoot’em Up movies really just feels in a way like a western set inside of a police station. The movie starts hot as you see Teddy Murretto (Frank Grillo) rolling down the desert in Nevada in a bullet riddled Crown Vic, as it runs out of gas you see in his face panic and he just runs and then you get this fantastic 70’s opening credit throwback. After that you get more of an introduction to the breakout star of the movie Valerie Young, A rookie police officer played by Alexis Louder in a star making performance. She and her sheriff answer a call about a fight at what seems to be a local casino, once she breaks it up, Teddy comes out of nowhere and sucker punches her hoping to get arrested. A big part of the movie starts here as you start to wonder what Teddy is running from and then you get introduced to the other officers in the office. This takes about 15 minutes of time and its great because you give all of them a character, they may not be extremely fleshed out but they each feel that are given little moments to make them more than just the guy sitting at the front desk

About halfway through the first Act we get introduced to Gerard Butler’s character, Mike Viddick, he is a hitman hired to hunt down Teddy. He fakes being drunk and sideswipes a state trooper’s vehicle, getting him thrown into the jail cell opposite of Teddy. This is where the movie could have gone downhill, but it truly rises to the occasion as the intensity between the two can be felt and you know it is only a matter of time before things somehow get physical. Feeling like the moments before a duel in a western, it just get more and more intense with a kinetic acting between the two, all while Val is trying to figure out who Teddy and Viddick are and why they are here. While that is going on, another cop in the office is trying to payback criminals that he owes money to. He learns about Teddy and Viddick hoping to make money off of them. After Viddick attempts to escape Val takes them into her own hands, learning who mike is and why Teddy is on the run. Around this time we get introduced to Anthony Lamb an insane Psychopathic hitman, played by Toby Huss. Huss brings a whole different level with some dark humor and plays Lamb as a very eccentric off his rocker character that meshes well as an opposition to the three main characters we have spent the most time with. The third act of this movie really is a fun shootout, you dont know who to trust, and it has some of the most fun and dirty action that any movie has had this year.

Overall I thought this was a great mid-budget action movie and i give CopShop a solid 77/100

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