Clint Eastwood’s latest movie Cry Macho Feels in a way like lookback on his prior films and a love letter to the aging cowboy. Clint is now at the age of 91 and in this movie it shows, he is moving a bit slower and he doesn’t shy away from it. Now to be honest the premise is ridiculous in a way as Eastwood plays a long retired Rodeo cowboy who is sent by a friend to Mexico to bring his son safely back to the United States. Now why you would choose a man of his age to do this for you, and not a younger more physically capable person, it doesn’t make much sense. But getting past that it easy when the journey begins as Eastwood brings his special charm to this movie. He crosses the border to find that the boy and they go on an adventure to safely get him back across the border, with the boys rooster named Macho.

Now going into this movie one of the main things i feared was that it would be a slow boring drudge, but it wasn’t its a heartfelt movie that is one of Eastwood’s best acting jobs since Gran Torino. Its sweet and emotional and it feels like a movie you would sit down and watch on a Sunday afternoon with parents that grew up on Eastwood’s work. The acting overall is well done and the Chemistry between Eastwood and the boy works very well. I will say some stuff comes across awkward such as dialogue , a woman half of Eastwood’s age falling for him, and seeing them try to make Eastwood throwing a punch look good when the man looks like he needs a walker for 90 percent of the movie. Overall i don’t have much to say about this movie because there isnt very much to it. What you think you are going to get is what you get and if you want to see what is potentially one of Eastwood’s final performances then you can’t go wrong with this one. It has a special heart to it that you don’t get very often outside of a movie like this. It asks the question is it good to be Macho, and no one has ever exemplified Macho more than Clint Eastwood himself. If this is his final starring role than its almost perfect for him, a sendoff that reminds you of just how great Eastwood once was, but just can’t reach those heights.

Cry Macho does well in telling the story it wants to tell and for long time Eastwood fans will love it but the average movie goer will find it to be just okay. A watch on Hbo Max is best if you aren’t too sure.

Cry Macho gets a 68/100

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