Venom 2 is a wild, Clunky, fun, ride of a movie. Tom Hardy returns as Eddie Brock/Venom, still trying to redeem himself in his journalist career, while also trying to keep venom under control and contained. He gets invited back to interview Cletus Kassidy played by a returning Woody Harrelson with much better hair, but still with cheesy one liners where he has to say he wants carnage because….. that’s his name. When Eddie goes to interview a piece of the symbiote breaks off onto Cletus creating Carnage and then chaos continues for the next hour.

First thing that has to be said about this movie and franchise as a whole is that the tone and overall feeling of this world is very odd and definitely not for everyone. That being said, if you can enjoy and get with the Dark corny humor of the movie then you will find yourself having a good time, also if you enjoyed the first one then you will more than likely enjoy this one. Tom Hardy is still a perfect fit for the character of Eddie and his chemistry with Venom really shines in this movie with their odd couple-esque superhero relationship. However i feel this movie retreads a lot of ground with them fighting a lot about what they should do, even though at the end of the first movie it seemed that they were on the same page. They also retread a bit with Eddie’s relationship with Michelle Williams Character going so far as to pull a page out of the first movie for almost no reason.

On the villian side we have two characters actually, We have Woody Harrelson as Carnage which is the absolute best part of this movie. He plays up the psychopathic side of Cletus and truly puts his all into the performance making it fun and a joy whenever he is on screen. The other villian we have is Naomie Harris as Shriek, while they throw in a backstory of her and Cletus being in love with each other, she just feels wasted and not used to her full potential. Everything with her and Carnage just feels rushed and she ends up just being a lacky that is only used because her power hurts venom and carnage and is basically absent in the third act.

Overall I believe that Venom 2 is a improvement over the first that banks on the fun from the original and and tonally finds its sweet spot. However it feels rushed and that they just wanted to get this over with so that we could get to the showdown that we all know is coming. In the End its a short, sweet, wacky ride of a movie that helps move venom forward and prepares him for a bigger role in the multiverse arriving in the MCU.

Venom Let There Be Carnage gets a 58/100

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