The next chapter in the series of this horror franchise is here and it is quite the mixed bag of results. 2018’s Halloween Brought back Michael and Laurie in a fantastic way having shown how it affected Laurie’s metal health and stability, while also introducing us to her family and new characters in Haddonfield. It was all built around the impending battle between Michael and the Strode Family, which ended with Michael locked in a basement with the house set ablaze. This movie picks up right where the last one left off, taking place over the next few hours of the same night. The Movie starts off fantastic showing some flashbacks of characters we would come to follow in this movie and Michael escaping the fire and murdering about 12 firefighters. Then it takes winding road of ups and downs landing on a very mixed and questionable ending.

It has to be acknowledged that this is the middle movie of a trilogy and if you go into it with that in mind you wont be completely disappointed. The movie makes the mistake of taking Laurie out of the spotlight for the movie. Instead you have Anthony Michael Hall playing a grown up Tommy Doyle and the granddaughter as more of the main characters of this one. I will be honest i did love Hall as Tommy and i was invested when he was on screen as i felt he was a cool and strong character. However there is a scene halfway through this movie that starts its downfall and it is one of the worst scenes in any movie of the year and is simply illogical. Once the town hears Michael is free and alive, they head to the hospital where Laurie is , Tommy then bands the town together to take down Michael with them chanting “Evil dies tonight”, which is cool right? Well then one of the other mental patients shows up at the hospital that looks nothing like michael! But they all think he does and the scene turns into a message about how mob mentality is wrong. But that mob mentality is what this movie was sold on. Its sold on the town vs Myers and instead it turns to the patient dying and they all decide bot to do anything except for ten of them. We then head towards the end where it reaches more highs, you learn its never been about Laurie but about Myers going home. So you have multiple awesome scenes in the old Myers house, some with a couple very funny side characters and then the climax where michael gets his mask stolen by Laurie’s daughter. He proceeds to chase her into a trap. He gets the crap beat out of him and its an awesome cathartic scene. Then we get Laurie talking about how michael is more than human over a horrifically edited scene of michael standing up and killing the people. One of the the last scenes you see is that terrible moment and its sticks with you because not even ten minutes later are the credits. In the end this movie just didnt know what it is which is so confusing after the great 2018 sequel.

Halloween Kills is a winding curve of a road that falls off a cliff leading into the next final movie. Lets just hope that they can get back to the story the 2018 movie started and bring it home.

Halloween Kills gets a 39/100

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