Uncharted is a very special franchise to me, For years they talked about doing a movie and this went through a true development hell and honestly you can feel it. They cast well known actors in the lead roles that are younger than the video game counterparts so that they can stretch this out into a franchise and people unfamiliar with the games will go “hey that’s Spider-Man and Mark Wahlberg” then will go see it. Uncharted was the first game i ever finished and it really has meant something special to me over the years. So to see them take those games that capture that amazing fantastical feel of an adventure and grand scale that franchises like Indiana Jones, Romancing the stone, Pirates of the Caribbean, and National Treasure had, and throw it away mostly for a soulless franchise starter, disappoint is an understatement.

First lets go with the casting, Tom Holland is honestly a great choice for a young Nathan Drake and he looks just like him and the way he talks and quips feels spot on and true to the character. On the other hand Mark Wahlberg is so miscast here as Sully, but its also feels odd to say that as sometimes he said stuff and i sat there going “thats a real sully thing to say” but the movie does this terrible thing that a lot of video game movies do where its a prequel to where you know the character and in last act they become the character you came there for, so the studio goes “heres what you want, so they will be that in the sequel” which is very disappointing, so its less a miscast and more he was just wrote as an unbearable person until the end. Sophia Ali is actually the best casting to me as Chloe Frazer, she feels like her character from the games and has good chemistry with Holland and Wahlberg, she steals a lot of the scenes that she is in and i hope we get more in the sequel.

The movie’s writers clearly loved and wanted to show homage to the games by literally using shots and set pieces from the games. But i felt it was at its best when it did some new stuff with original set pieces like the third act with two ships getting flown through the air and Drake Fighting the bad guys on them. It felt original and fun and made me excited to see more at the end. I am sad that most of the movie felt like a waiting game instead of the big adventure and i feel its most comparable to is another Sony property, Men in Black: International where its fun and stuff on the outside but there is zero connection underneath and no depth to anyone on screen yet, they just want to plaster a well- known franchise title on a movie, make it with as little effort as possible, but fun enough where people will enjoy it and want to see more. Its also the same thing they did with Venom, which was also directed by Ruben Fleischer , so i actually have hope that they will put effort into the sequel like they did with venom.

In the end , i had fun with it but i wanted more and i am hopeful for improvements in sequels in this franchise with this cast. I think if you don’t have history with the games or can separate the two this is easily around a 70-75 for you, however for me its a bit harder as Uncharted is such a big part of my life.

Uncharted gets a 65/100

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