Creed 2 is a fantastic emotional follow up that continues  a legacy and starts to build its own.

Creed 2 is the absolute perfect way to follow up 2015’s Creed. They bring back one of the most hated villians in any sports movies, and you never once felt it was all about him. Creed 2 has found a great way to mix nostalgia in with this story. You honestly never feel that they build this rivalry just because its based on the most popular and well known moments in the franchise. Everyone brings thier a-game acting wise. In recent years, its easy to forgot just how good stallone and lundgren can be. The movie shows the after effects to drago and his son after he lost and does well with making him ever so slightly sympathetic. The parallels between Adonis and victor is there, but its interesting to see the different paths that they have taken. Both basically grew up into nothing and have fathers who were famous boxers, but adonis’s journey has been to make his own legacy and not get by on his name. Victor however is trying to bring honor back to his name and basically gets the fight just because his name. 

The film is a movie full of emotion, every part of this movie pulls about every emotion out of you. It is so well done that when it began i wasnt sure how i would feel for adonis, but everything he does you understand and you feel yourself in his shoes, his pain, his anger, his sorrow. You feel it all, the fight scenes in this movie, you get all those emotions and its as if you feel every single punch that is taken and thrown. It is such a fantastic movie , i recommend it to anybody and everybody

Creed 2 Is A 88/100!

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