Dr.Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one of Marvel’s most unique films to come out in the MCU. That being said, i believe that this is also one of the most divisive movies in the MCU because of the horror themes and the turn of a character who has become beloved by much of the marvel fan base. In this review im going to go through all of the pros and cons and then give my final score. I will be talking about details in scenes and spoilers below!


  • I want to start off by saying that this Movie has one of my favorite 1st acts and final acts of any of the Marvel movies, The opening took us straight into meeting America Chavez and then Strange going to Christine’s wedding felt very reminiscent of Raimi’s Spider-man movies with the hero jumping into action. The Third Act from when he fights the Sinister version with the musical notes was so unique and was entrancing to watch, then the terror when he takes the lost souls and made them into a cape and fought wanda, to finally Wanda facing her children and the fact that she has become a monster, but she gets to know that they will be loved and okay was heartbreaking and such a good scene.
  • On the topic of characters, Cumberbatch is still great as Strange and the inner conflict with himself and if he will ever truly be happy. Also the fact that he is against odds with himself because he Loves Christine but knows he can never be with her. America is great but she doesnt get much script-wise in my opinion, Same with Wong. Wanda is shown to be complex and disturbed, but while she is Very, Very evil…. you understand why she is doing what she is doing.
  • The music and the cinematography are top notch, from the very evil dead-esque camera shots at the end, to all the other unique angles and viewpoints that we see that Sam Raimi uses to fantastic effect. The music is amazing for each character, in particular they sampled the 90s X-Men theme for Xaviers entrance in the film and i loved it.
  • This could be looked at as a con by some, but this picks up directly after WandaVision, so if you have seen the show then you will have seen a large part of wanda’s journey, but if you havent, then you may not connect with her as much or understand what she is going through. But the introductions to incursions and the multiverse, also the end of the film with the shape Strange is in and Clea(?) coming to get him, This is leading towards giant things for the MCU including what could be the next Giant Event in Secret Wars and a changing of the guard for the heroes we know in the films.


  • First thing that’s going to be a con for a lot of people that i feel i must mention. ITS NOT ACTUALLY AN ISSUE FOR ME! However it must be said, if you are going into this expecting it to be like every other mcu movie and a wild, cameo filled universe hopping adventure! Well its not. Its a personal, Emotional story, with slight hints of horrorish tropes, that introduces the multiverse more in depth than No Way Home did, but doesn’t over-expose it
  • Above being said, the one part that didn’t work for me was the middle section that brings in the Illuminati only to be slaughtered 10 minutes later. It dragged it down a bit in my eyes, was it cool to see Krasinski as Reed? YES! But it wasn’t cool to see him die right away., i wish we had a bit longer with the group of characters and that the fight was a bit more extended to be honest.
  • A Giant part that made me angry was that Mordo’s story from the end of the last movie was pushed off to being a throwaway line. Apparently there was a deleted scene where he visited Wanda before Strange in the movie, which would’ve been cool to see, i was just bummed to feel that a story was thrown off to the side and completely happened off-screen.

In the End after my 2nd viewing of the movies, it rose significantly and i appreciate and enjoy the movie much, much more than before!

Dr.Strange 2 GETS a 71/100!

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