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Dr.Strange: Multiverse Of Madness Review

Dr.Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is one of Marvel’s most unique films to come out in the MCU. That being said, i believe that this is also one of the most divisive movies in the MCU because of the horror themes and the turn of a character who has become beloved by much of the marvel fan base. In this review im going to go through all of the pros and cons and then give my final score. I will be talking about details in scenes and spoilers below!

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What I Watched While I was away!

Hey everyone! Im back from my break! First, i must apologize for being gone so much longer than i planned! i caught covid in the beginning of January, i moved out of my old place, and honestly there wasnt much movie wise that dropped in the last two months that i was able to catch! But i have been catching up recently.